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Wilson’s Miramichi Report For August 15th

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Wilson’s Atlantic salmon fly-fishing vacation on the Miramichi River is very unpredictable this month . We are dealing with very high water still but if you keep your fly in the water you can be rewarded with a salmon like this . Chet and Joe hit the water yesterday with a 10′-10wt rod , a box full of bombers and a positive attitude , and returned to camp all smiles and pictures to prove their success .


  1. I enjoy fly fishing for atlantic salmon, but i do not agree with your practice of hooking as many large salmon as you can per day and then holding them up for your pictures. I saw a large salmon floating by belly up on july 7 of this year.
    This was during a very hot period and just before the pools were closed. I have not caught a fish since july 2003, although i buy the license every year and have to cut the tags and toss them in the garbage. Where i can fish , there are lots of fisherman. I do not agree with all the private waters, but that matters little to you, for it is all about the big dollars,right?

  2. Honestly?

    There are provincial regs for catching and releasing a max of 4 per day in the summer and 10 in the spring, and I’d wager that Wilson’s and their sports adhere to them. Can’t say I fault them for being able to hook large salmon either.

    Wilson’s is one of the few outfitters in NB recognized by the ASF for their live release program. Don’t think they’re in it try to kill fish. Reality is that some mortality does occur when C&R is practiced, but it’s a hell of a lot lower than retention.

    Was the large salmon you saw dead as a result of angling, more specifically on the private waters you loathe? There’s plenty of private water around that doesn’t make a dime, just foot a high tax bill to enjoy some tranquility. Also lots of public water throughout the Miramichi drainage that you might want to consider exploring to avoid the crowds.

    And why not buy a Live Release licence to avoid having to cut your tags?

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