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Wilson’s Miramichi Fall Report For Sept 9th

Sept 9th
Wilson’s Miramichi River report for September 9th shows another rise in water but as you can see it is a beautiful day to be on the river . We are still hooking a few older fish but no sign of a fresh fall run yet . No complaints on this end though because we need water in order to have a fall season . This should set us up good . Luke landed a fiesty grilse at Dudley Saturday morning with a #10 green machine , I would never have thought a #10 would work so it goes to show one never knows what will work .


  1. Hi Keith, I came up to the trailer late yesterday, watched the river, for moving fish, and am doing the same this morning, (Tuesday) very few fish moving through Keenan, water is still just a bit to high to make out the details of the bar, and the run, hoping the forecast for more rain is wrong, especially with the amount of water now. I’m going to go on the water for a couple of hours, with hopes of a few fish moving through, if fishing conditions change, on this the lower end, I’ll keep you posted. Take care, Bob

  2. Hi Keith, I came home today, but fished at the Sabbies, on the Cain’s Tuesday night, there were some fish there, and the water level was Great for wading. They hooked and lost a few on the Camp side, but other then that, no one else hooked any. Wednesday before and between Thunder and Lightning Storms, I fished at my trailer at Hennessy’s. Had Great luck while the sun was out, Landing two Fall Salmon and one Grisle, there were good numbers going through during that period, and the river was coming down nicely. Fished in the Mist of the Miramichi this morning for a couple of hours, but really no amount of fish were moving through. I talked with Jason Curtis, from Wade’s and he said they had taken a Grisle, up in that section this morning, but related the same as I had, very little going through, With the pending forecast, looks like we’ll again be in “ATLANTIC OCEAN” conditions again, starting into the new week. Hope things pick up your way, there are some Nice Fall fish that have gone through my area, so hope your into them soon. Take care Keith, and Good Luck to You and Your Sports. Bob

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