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Cains River Salmon with sea-lice ?

Sea Lice Fall sal
This is a weird one, this picture came from a very reliable source that photographed this hook-bill salmon with sea-lice on it from the upper Cains on Oct 6th . That throws the theory out the window that sea-lice are only on silver fresh run salmon or the theory that a very dark colored salmon is not a fresh run fish . I would love to hear back from our readers what your theory is . The water is perfect height , temps are good , there seems to be a good number of salmon in the McNamee area but it is tough fishing on both the Cains and Miramichi . One lucky angler this morning landed a 20 pound hen on his first ever attempt at the sport, go figure !


  1. Green Ghost says:

    Maybe this guy was hanging out in the estuary for some time in brackish water and enough tidal water kept the sea louse happy. It certainly looks well fed! My question is was this fish that dark? Or simply dark because it’s a Cains river repeat spawner that tend to be a bit darker anyway. Would love to see the condition of it’s Kype, well formed or a more recent entry to the river.??? My two cents!

  2. Brad Burns says:

    Keith, agree with Green Ghost that the estuary is salt enough to keep the lice alive but brackish enough for the fish to turn color. During the fall we regularly catch colored salmon in Blackville that still have sea lice.

    We had a tough year on our stretch of the Cains this fall. The deep slow pools were absolutely full of fish, but they wouldn’t take anything to speak. We felt this was partially because the Cains run came into the river on the big raises of August and then with dropping fall water just hung out and became stale.

    As others have said it was a tough year for catching salmon – in the lower river anyway – but apparently a great year for the fish. Brad

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