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Wilson’s Cains River Report -May 15th

John and I hit the lower Cains on Wed , putting our 28 foot jet canoe in at the Route 123 highway bridge on excellent water and high hopes of getting into a few trout . We motored straight to Muzroll the first night and then fished from there to Sabies River on day two . The water was good and weather perfect but the sea-run trout were not in yet and for some reason the local ( black trout ) were not in the taking mood . We even took our chances and motored up the Sabies to the first set of rapids , to find out that the big canoe was as long as what the river is wide , but I managed to turn around and got back down without incident . We did not fish the Sabies River itself, just the mouth and again no trout taken . On day three we motored on to the Miramichi at Blackville but to our disappointment the wind was too strong to cast a fly on the big water and the two locals we did run into reported no big trout yet either . There are reports of sea-run brook trout in the tide water so if everything remains normal we should be getting into them very soon .


  1. Just curious. In normal water conditions at the end of May, how much time should I give myself to canoe from the bridge on 123 to the muzroll? I would also like to fish along the way as well.

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