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Great Day on Wilson’s Pools

G’day Keith,

Before every outing, there’s a little something in every salmon fisherman’s mind that thinks this might be the day. When all the conditions come together and you’re at the right place at the right time. Of course, most days we catch less than what we hoped for–water too high, too low, too warm, too cold, fish not here yet, run already went through…. but there are certain times when all the stars are aligned. [Read more…]

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report May 5th

Bill and Bob made it over yesterday for an afternoon of fishing and as you can see were very successful . This beauty is one of five fish hooked , the strange thing is the boy’s used two completely different approach’s . Bill used a fast sink shooting- head line with a dark fly ( hooked three down deep) and Bob used a full floating line and a bright colored fly ( hooked two on top ) . We were seeing many fish in close to shore but the big salmon were taken in the heavy water casting long and stripping off line , which would indicate the big fish are moving and the smaller grilse are still in close to shore and back water areas .

Maple Island Pool

Maple Island is another small very private pool that seems to capture all the fish moving through. The pool, which is app. 125 feet in length, fishes 1 to 2 rods.
Traditionally Maple Island has been a sure bet on any July morning or late evening. This pool is adjacent to Lower Justies and Home pool. Wilson ‘s has ownership of both sides.