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Cold Water Pool

Cold Water pool gets its name from the fact that Stewarts Brook and several other small springs flow from the south shoreline into this pool.
The pool, which has a wide gravel bar and a deep lower end, is a good holding pool in both the summer and the fall. The pool easily fishes four rods. Wilson ‘s owns both shorelines of the pool . Total water frontage at this pool is app. 2,000 feet.

Dudley Channel Pool

Dudley Channel is one of those narrow deep runs that are excellent for two rods to share. The salmon lie in here tight to the edge of a bar.
The pool is serviced by a spring fed Bogan so both salmon and trout hold here in the hot weather. Privacy is also enjoyed here through ownership of both shorelines. Total water frontage at the Dudley Pool is app. 2,300 feet.