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Cains Crown Reserve Road Devastation

Please check out my three youtube videos showing the Cains River Crown Reserve Road devastation . It is not my intention to beat up on the forest industry in general . I have many friends and even family members who depend on these jobs and the way I see it with the obvious display of greed and disregard for the environment and unique situation such as this Crown Reserve road issue , I feel that my friends jobs are actually at risk if these practices continue .

Great Day on Wilson’s Pools

G’day Keith,

Before every outing, there’s a little something in every salmon fisherman’s mind that thinks this might be the day. When all the conditions come together and you’re at the right place at the right time. Of course, most days we catch less than what we hoped for–water too high, too low, too warm, too cold, fish not here yet, run already went through…. but there are certain times when all the stars are aligned. [Read more…]

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report July 8th

Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions for Wilson’s in the McNamee as of July 8th . The sun has finally came through . The water is still app. 8 inches above normal but clear and cold . Temps are running around 61F this morning . The weather forecast is for sun and moderate temps till Sunday so as the water drops things should improve . Up till now we have had very slow fishing , just last night we began seing more fish and landed a couple of grilse . Wilson’s guests are fortunate to have several high water pools spread out over a mile area and we fish a small crowd , so if there are any fish going we get you over them . We are using #4 and 6 size wet flys but still on floating lines . Who would ever guess , both grilse yesterday were hooked on a green machine with white calf tail .