Corporate Retreats and Meetings at Wilson’s

Wilson’s is a great place for corporate retreats and meetings. Find us on the beautiful Miramichi River in Central New Brunswick. Just one hour from Fredericton and Miramichi City, two hours from Saint John, Moncton & Bathurst and only four hours from Halifax. Getting your work done is important but team building activities and eating well is also part of the program here at Wilson’s.

Central NB Trail Report for Dec 3

Let’s Go Sledding……!Central New Brunswick Snowmobile Trail report for December 3rd. We have a good base of nearly 14 inches of hard snow with another 10-15 cm of fresh snow on top today. The groomer does not start until December 15 but sleds are able to run from here northward into the Christmas Mountains and Serpentine region. Wilson’s has four bed cottages and two bed suites on discount for the month of December. Call 506-365-0016 today to get an early start to the season.

Let’s Have a Corporate Retreat

Wilson’s is the ideal place for a meeting or corporate retreat. Conveniently located in central New Brunswick within a short drive from from all points in New Brunswick. A meeting venue with a spectacular view , “the very best” meals and service and the most comfortable beds you can find, anywhere. Call today for discounts from now until the end of December.

Guided ATV tours in Central new Brunswick

Let’s Go Wheeling…..Guided ATV Tours in Central New Brunswick. Book your fall dates now for guide service, accommodations and meal service. Trails in central NB are in superb condition.

Miramichi River Report for October 15

Today was the last day for Atlantic salmon fishing on the Miramichi for 2019. Unfortunately it was another disappointing year. The spring season was above average and the month of June was surprisingly active. By mid July the river heated up and fishing came to a standstill. August and early September was as usual slow and warm. The most disappointing part was the near perfect water and weather conditions all fall, including today, with very little action on the entire river. Cains did show us a couple of days of active fish but too little too late for most anglers. As we come to a close of 2019 there is more and more concern with the situation in New Brunswick salmon rivers and the obvious politics that ASF, DFO and other major players are spinning. It is so disheartening to the lodges, guides/staff and thousands of NB anglers to see our fishery slide further downward while the wealthy people that influence decisions turn a blind eye to such an obvious solution. It is more than just hypocritical when multi million dollar corporations like Patagonia throw up political road-blocks that negatively effect the livlihoods of hundreds of Miramichi families while at the same time enjoy fishing in other rivers that have successfully saved fishing stocks by using the same SAS and CAST programs that we wish to use. I urge my readers to please research what Cooke Aquaculture in partnership with government agencies are doing to save the Penebscott river in Maine and several Fundy rivers of New Brunswick. Many will be scenical of my endorsement of this new approach but it works, whereas what we have been doing for the last fifty years has failed. Politics is an ugly game and unfortunately the little guy is always the loser.

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report Oct 1st

Wilson’s Miramichi River report for October 1st. The water conditions are in perfect condition with moderate air temps. Water is dropping slowly now and fish are on the move. This sets the stage for the last two weeks of the season to be good fishing. This area of the Miramichi is known for the best fall fishing and we still have a few openings . Finish out the 2019 season at Wilson’.

Moose season is here!

Moose season is here!

Wilson’s Miramichi Report For Sept 15

Wilson’s Miramichi River report for September 15th. The water is perfect with cool fall air temps and the fall run is on the move. The Autumn Belle is our fly of choice this week.

Miramichi River Bomber Season

Let’s Go fall fishing,,,,,,,,,,late August through mid September is prime bomber season on the Miramichi.

Fall Atlantic Salmon Miramichi River

The fall season is fast approaching. The Miramichi boasts some of the best Atlantic salmon fishing in North America during the fall run through September and early October. Don’t forget the famous Cains River fall too.