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Wilson’s Miramichi River report as of May 26th

Wilson’s is pleased to report that fish are on the move . Fresh sea-run brook trout ( Upper Miramichi Run ) are hitting as far upriver as Doaktown which means McNamee anglers should expect the big trout within a day or so . I have a confirmed report of a “Rocky Brook ” salmon landed here just yesterday .The Rocky Brook salmon seem to be the most difficult to catch but they are well worth the effort , so get yourself on the water to enjoy this beautiful June weather and great water . The Miramichi seems to be about average height but I find the Cains a little low . The trout on the Cains will move allong anyway but it will be interesting to see how the low water is going to affect their progress through the month of June .

Wilson’s Final 2008 Report


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The Wilson gang is all smiles as we wrap up what has been a fantastic 2008 season. The highlight of the year was a report of a 52 inch hen salmon that made it safely to the barrier pool at Juniper , just knowing that this size of salmon is back to our rivers makes every cast on the water worth the effort . 2008 was a banner year for Wilson’s and I am sure this is the case for most anglers that fished salmon anywhere in Atlantic Canada . I asked a neighbor of mine yesterday how many fish he hooked this year , an incredible 105 hook-ups . All rivers are reporting increased numbers of Atlantic slamon . We had more than our share of high water this year with three big rises of over 3 feet , too much water at times for the best fishing but it kept the watershed saturated . Our fall season was a little tough with big water but all visitors to Wilson’s could not believe the shear number of salmon in the pools , and it was common to see fish in the 20 – 30 pound range just about every day . Cains River had high water as well and a good run of salmon came right on time . Sea-run brook trout on the Cains done very well this year with all the high water , not so good for anglers but excellent conditions to protect and feed the trout .
All in all 2008 was one of the best seasons in the past twenty and we are optomistic that this upward trend will continue . As always , we strongly encourage all readers to keep your memberships up to date in the Miramichi Salmon Association and the Atlantic Salmon Federation. Thanks to these two hard working organizations we are enjoying better fishing on all east coast salmon rivers .
PS> I will be off line for a few weeks as I head out for the deer season , I will be reporting back in 2009 . Thanks for reading our report , looking forward to 2009.

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report July 5Th


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Atlantic Salmon fly-fishing conditions at Wilson’s on the Miramich River July 5th . The water is still high and dropping slowly . The aquefer ( underground river ) that stretches far out under the islands allong the river as well as the inland swamps and brooks are fully soaked with water now, which will help keep the river up over the coming summer months . According to world renowned hydrologists Robert Newbury ,who conducted university studies here a few years ago on the river , says that there is almost as much water under these islands during normal summer height as what there is in the river , this is crucial in maintaining a healthy watershed . This is why it is so important not to strip these islands of the precious top soil that protects the aquefer from evaporation . It took thousands of years for the top soil to build up and it takes only a few hours with a tractor and loader to destroy . Luckily for the Miramichi , and other NB rivers land owners are regulated by very strict laws that protect this riparian area from destruction . Air temps at 6:30 Am are around 10c. so water temps are ideal . During the afternoon this last couple days air temps warmed up but with the above average height and cool nights the water is good . We started seeing a lot of fish again yesterday , most of which are grilse so this is obviously the July run on its way in . With the high water we are still fishing only a few pools but these pools fish best in high water anyway .

Excellent Cains River Fishing Maps

Cains River sea-run brook trout enthusiasts , check these maps out , posted under Cains River on the side bar on my home page . Go to the link , bring up what map section you wish to see then go to the bottom of the photo and hit the green arrow to zoom in to full size .They were produced by DNR back in the 1960’s so some of the names may have changed by now and the new roads may not be marked , but it shows very clearly the river and pools . It would be well worth your effort to explore some of these harder to reach pools . With all the new roads in that area now most pools will not be more than 20 minutes walk . Todays most popular ( easy access ) pools like Wildcat , Acadia Bridge , Otter Brook and Blue Rock are being heavily fished and as a result the good fishing will drop off very soon , and unfortunately we will begin to see fish dieing as a result of this heavy pressure . Please do your part to conserve this fantastic resource by relieving some of the pressure on the pools .

Cains River Trout


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Hi Keith,

My name is Chris Leger (with the Dieppe Fly Tying Club) and I had the the opportunity to meet you last year, actually, we rented your camp for the night last July at Wildcat, “awesome time”. Just wanted to say hello. I’m always on your site reading the river reports and looking at photos, you have a fantastic site. I have included some photos of a few Sea-Run Brookies that swim trough your pools and in front of your camp, these fish were hooked a little further up-river. Feel free to post these on your site. All the Sea-Run Brook Trout that I hooked last year ( 57 in total, both on the MSW and the Cains) were released properly and unharmed. These fish are a treasure and must be protected. I will be talking to you soon, till then, tight lines.

Chris L
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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report June 9th

Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions and report for the Miramichi River at McNamee on June 9th . A big thunderstorm last night gave us a little bump of water that will help keep the river is good shape at this critical time of year . Local boy’s are getting into a few Rocky Brook run salmon and even a few grilse . There are still a few big trout around but it seems that most of the sea-run trout have gone through this section of the Miramichi . Local trout numbers are very high so plenty of action on the 12-14 inch size .
The Cains is running about normal in height and the temps are still very cool , this will get the sea-run trout into the upper holding pools well in advance of the summer weather . Reports from the Cains this past weekend was good fishing but to date there does not seem to be the numbers like we had in 2007 . It is still early so as long as the water remains at a good height we are confident that the fish numbers will increase .

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report June 5th


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Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions and report for the Miramichi River at McNamee on June 5th . We had another small raise of water early this week so the river is in superb condition for mirgrating salmon . We have had several reports from further down river of a few Rocky Brook Run salmon being caught . C. Gilks landed a beautiful 25lb. salmon just yesterday , what a beauty . These fish are tough to catch but if you put your time in on the water the reward will be well worth the effort . I have been on the water each night this week for an hour or so but no luck yet . The big sea-run brook trout have been on the lower Cains for a few days now so with this good water I am certain the entire Cains system will be producing some real trophies over the next several weeks . This is a picture of Geoff Giffin’s huge sea-run brook trout taken last year on the Cains , Geoff is hitting the Cains again soon for a try at another big one, good luck Geoff hope you succeed .

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report June 1st

Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions and report for the Miramichi River at McNamee on June 1st . We had a nice rain over the weekend that brought the Cains up app. 6 inches and the Miramichi app. 4 inches . This is the perfect rise at the perfect time . We are seeing tons of sea-run trout on the Miramichi at McNamee. There is a good may- fly hatch going on so the trout are getting plenty to eat . One local angler reported [Read more…]

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report May 18th

Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions and report for the Miramichi River at McNamee on May 18th. The river is finally down to a normal level . We have excellent water and the temps and still cool . The resident trout numbers appear to be up again this year and as the water warms up further the trout will be feeding better . The Sea-run brook trout on the Cains and the upper Miramichi last year were in record numbers so we are very excited about getting back into these trophy fish here in a few weeks . The ever elusive Rocky Brook Atlantic salmon run will begin to show up soon as well . This run is tough to catch but without a doubt these salmon are the best of the best . An evening on the Miramichi in late May and early June is like a piece of heaven , ones expectations are not that great for a ton of salmon hook ups but brook trout are plentyful and the river is so peaceful and fresh with all the new tree growth and new wildlife being born .

Spectacular scene on the Cains River

I had the most amazing sight of my life on Thursday Oct 18th on the Cains River. We watch trout spawn there every year but this time was different .
The trout were there in greater numbers than I have ever seen before and the sun was at the perfect angle to see into the 18 inches of water . The fresh redds are easy to spot too on the dark river bottom and our vantage point is directly overhead at 15 feet
off the water . A large hen ( all sea-run brookies ) was in the redd with a
huge 5-7 pound male , then on the outer edges were several males in the 3-4
pound range and down river app 3 feet were numerous smaller males in the
12-16 inch size . A total of app. 15 fish .The hen would work the redd and then we would actually see her drop the eggs while the large male would chase off the others , then come back in and do his duty , all the time with small males darting in and out bugging the crap out of the poor guy . Once in a while a 3-4 pounder would get in the action . This went on for several hours .It was spectacular to see this so clearly and most encouraging to see
so many redds in action , must have been 15 or 20 females on the redds , all
with this same action taking place . We could see two redds very clear from
where we were and due to the water movement you could count easily the
others up and down the shore as well . This is very encouraging for the
Cains sea-run brook trout population , I have never seen this much action in
that one area . Can’t wait for next year .