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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report May 29th

The water and weather conditions are perfect this week which helps with the annual migration of the Upper Miramichi River Sea-run brook trout run . Unfortunately this beatiful specimen took the fly down into the gills and was bleeding badly . He was nearly dead by the time I netted it so I took this one home. He will not be cut up and put in a frying pan , he will be proudly displayed on the wall allong side my late fathers trouphy trout caught in 1976 . This is the first big trout I have killed in many years and I hope it will be the last . Please release all of these very special fish , they need all the help we can offer them .
I am running a housekeeping cabin special the next three weeks where you rent the cabin for a discounted price and fish our water for free . Retail on this is $250.00 per day , with a group of four you get it for $50.00 per man . There has been one Rocky Brook salmon caught this week as well .

Wilson’s Cains River Report -May 15th

John and I hit the lower Cains on Wed , putting our 28 foot jet canoe in at the Route 123 highway bridge on excellent water and high hopes of getting into a few trout . We motored straight to Muzroll the first night and then fished from there to Sabies River on day two . The water was good and weather perfect but the sea-run trout were not in yet and for some reason the local ( black trout ) were not in the taking mood . We even took our chances and motored up the Sabies to the first set of rapids , to find out that the big canoe was as long as what the river is wide , but I managed to turn around and got back down without incident . We did not fish the Sabies River itself, just the mouth and again no trout taken . On day three we motored on to the Miramichi at Blackville but to our disappointment the wind was too strong to cast a fly on the big water and the two locals we did run into reported no big trout yet either . There are reports of sea-run brook trout in the tide water so if everything remains normal we should be getting into them very soon .

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report May 11th

Wilson’s Miramichi River fly-fishing report as of May 11th . We had another heavy rain late last week which brought the river up again. We had good fishing for both salmon and local trout on Friday then the high water hit .The high water is great for the soon to arrive “Rocky Brook Salmon” and word is that there are Sea-run brook trout in the lower system now . Some people will be tempted to fish for the trout with a 5 wt., but be aware you don’t want to hook a rocky brook salmon with a trout rod . Even the big sea-run trout can be a challenge on light gear , so stick to a 7 or 8 wt. for the next few weeks . We are still seeing a fair number of spring salmon but tactics will change almost on a daily basis now .