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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report May 6th

Mark Small holds his first grilse of the year , and best of all he hooked it on a new rod he just got for his birthday . I am proud to say that Mark is part of a new generation of anglers who gladly release all their salmon . This attitude will go a long way in the preservation of the Atlantic salmon , and in general our planet . Mark is a dedicated and successful athlete , and student , but balances out his busy life by going fishing with his family . What better way to wind down after the playoffs than to go fly-fishing with your Dad .

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report May 5th

Bill and Bob made it over yesterday for an afternoon of fishing and as you can see were very successful . This beauty is one of five fish hooked , the strange thing is the boy’s used two completely different approach’s . Bill used a fast sink shooting- head line with a dark fly ( hooked three down deep) and Bob used a full floating line and a bright colored fly ( hooked two on top ) . We were seeing many fish in close to shore but the big salmon were taken in the heavy water casting long and stripping off line , which would indicate the big fish are moving and the smaller grilse are still in close to shore and back water areas .

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report April 20th

The river is open, with cold nights and no rain it is still holding at a low level. Fishing over the weekend was outstanding , with the clear low water fish were easy to catch with any kind of fly . We need a little raise of water to get the fish out of their winter holding pools and moving around so that the good fishing will last longer . Light rain is predicted this week but it does not look like anything major so conditions should remain good .

Miramichi River Ice-run report April 16th

As you can see my prediction for a late ice-out was proved wrong . The water is still low but the ice moved out over a three or four day period without incident . The cold temps are keeping the run- off from snow melt to a minimum but we still have an average of app 3 feet of water laden snow everywhere , so when this begins to melt again we will see plenty of ice moving off the shores . This can be a very dangerous time for inexperienced guides or anglers to be on the river , as you can see some of this shore ice is 2 – 3 feet thick and can weigh several ton . The river banks are stacked high with heavy ice so boaters must be extremely careful until the river clears out . We are not fishing yet but I should have a report from the locals in a few days .

Cains River Ice-run report April 6th

Photo taken on the upper Cains at Leighton Brook . The river is high and the ice is moving out . There is still plenty of snow in the woods yet so with all the rain and warm weather it is safe to assume , that the upper Cains at least , will be open this week. There is no spring salmon fishery on the upper Cains so anglers don’t get too excited yet .