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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report Oct 9th


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Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions for the Miramichi River at McNamee as of Oct 9th . The water is coming down very slow and we guess that it will remain higher than normal till the last day ( Oct 15th ) . We are seeing and hooking fewer fish than before the big raise but the fish we are hooking are some real beauties . In the last three days we landed four fish in the twenty pound range so that makes up for the lazy grilse for the moment . The weather is forecast to stay clear so we predict that as the water continues to drop we will have better fishing . There are reports of decent fishing on some parts of the lower Cains River but the upper watershed is still slow , they will show up as always , but sometimes not till after the close. The Cains actually needs another little raise to get the fish into the headwaters before the 15th . Big red/orange flys are working best .

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report Sept 29th


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Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions for the McNamee area of the Miramichi River as of September 29th . Thank goodness we missed hurricane Kyle but we still got a 3 foot raise of water . Good news is that even though the water is high , it is still clean . We are lucky in the McNamee area with all the islands and long sloping bars from these areas that hold fish in these conditions . We were seeing a lot of fresh fish the last few days so the fall-run is on the move , so this raise can only help us . Anglers this morning are fishing mostly from the big canoes using slow sink of sinking tip lines with larger streamer patterns . The jumping fish that have been entertaining us for two weeks or more are still at it , and even in the same places , so the high water did not seem to change their habits yet . The high water will be perfect for the Cains , which we plan to take full advantage of in the coming days . Don’t despair anglers , this high water will only help us in the McNamee and Cains River areas .

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report August 7th


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Atlantic salmon fly fishing conditions for the Miramichi at McNamee August 7th . As you can see from this photo our river at McNamee is still nearly 18inches above normal . The pools are starting to shape up a little and we have hopes of normal water levels by early next week . Both fish taken this week were bright and silver and full of fight . The high water pools are obviously the only ones being fished . Garrett , Anthony and I canoed the Cains River yesterday , beautiful canoeing water but is useless for fishing , still 15 inches above normal .

Cains River fishing report July 5th


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The big water on the Cains this last week messed up the fishing for some folks but for Bob and Dale the big raise only forced them to change tactics and the results were fantastic . The boy’s got into 10 nice trout ( 16 – 21 inches ) as pictured here in a pool that is never looked at under normal water conditions . As suspected the trout were out of their summer pools obviously in search of food , and it must have been big bugs or mice because all the trout taken were on extra large bombers and rat faced mcdougals . They fished Wildcat as well but nothing seen nor taken down on the turn . The high water might not be too good for anglers but it sure gives the trout a much needed break , unless you are as smart as Bob and Dale who seem to know where to go for high water fishing .

Excellent Cains River Fishing Maps

Cains River sea-run brook trout enthusiasts , check these maps out , posted under Cains River on the side bar on my home page . Go to the link , bring up what map section you wish to see then go to the bottom of the photo and hit the green arrow to zoom in to full size .They were produced by DNR back in the 1960’s so some of the names may have changed by now and the new roads may not be marked , but it shows very clearly the river and pools . It would be well worth your effort to explore some of these harder to reach pools . With all the new roads in that area now most pools will not be more than 20 minutes walk . Todays most popular ( easy access ) pools like Wildcat , Acadia Bridge , Otter Brook and Blue Rock are being heavily fished and as a result the good fishing will drop off very soon , and unfortunately we will begin to see fish dieing as a result of this heavy pressure . Please do your part to conserve this fantastic resource by relieving some of the pressure on the pools .

Cains River Trout


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Hi Keith,

My name is Chris Leger (with the Dieppe Fly Tying Club) and I had the the opportunity to meet you last year, actually, we rented your camp for the night last July at Wildcat, “awesome time”. Just wanted to say hello. I’m always on your site reading the river reports and looking at photos, you have a fantastic site. I have included some photos of a few Sea-Run Brookies that swim trough your pools and in front of your camp, these fish were hooked a little further up-river. Feel free to post these on your site. All the Sea-Run Brook Trout that I hooked last year ( 57 in total, both on the MSW and the Cains) were released properly and unharmed. These fish are a treasure and must be protected. I will be talking to you soon, till then, tight lines.

Chris L
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Spectacular scene on the Cains River

I had the most amazing sight of my life on Thursday Oct 18th on the Cains River. We watch trout spawn there every year but this time was different .
The trout were there in greater numbers than I have ever seen before and the sun was at the perfect angle to see into the 18 inches of water . The fresh redds are easy to spot too on the dark river bottom and our vantage point is directly overhead at 15 feet
off the water . A large hen ( all sea-run brookies ) was in the redd with a
huge 5-7 pound male , then on the outer edges were several males in the 3-4
pound range and down river app 3 feet were numerous smaller males in the
12-16 inch size . A total of app. 15 fish .The hen would work the redd and then we would actually see her drop the eggs while the large male would chase off the others , then come back in and do his duty , all the time with small males darting in and out bugging the crap out of the poor guy . Once in a while a 3-4 pounder would get in the action . This went on for several hours .It was spectacular to see this so clearly and most encouraging to see
so many redds in action , must have been 15 or 20 females on the redds , all
with this same action taking place . We could see two redds very clear from
where we were and due to the water movement you could count easily the
others up and down the shore as well . This is very encouraging for the
Cains sea-run brook trout population , I have never seen this much action in
that one area . Can’t wait for next year .

Sometimes we get what we ask for , just a little late

Well folks , we have all been praying for a good rain and raise of water and that is just what we got , a little late for anglers but still good for our fish and the watershed . The storm was brief but it sure did the job . At this point the water on the Miramichi at McNamee is up app. 20 inches and the Cains River is almost as high . With all the leaves coming off the trees and the high water picking up plenty more along the shores it is tough to make one cast without dragging in leaves . As soon as the river begins to drop the water will clear up nicely and we will surely get into some good fishing for the last couple of days of the season . The large fall patterns such as General Practitioner , LT Special , Chief Needabah , Chorus Girl and Allys Schrimp would be my fly’s of choice now .
The Cains is shapeing up very well for the next couple of weeks too. There are reports of tons of big fish in at Black Brook so they won’t be long getting up to at least the Shinickburn area . There is not likely to be many fish above that though till after the end of the month when they move on up to spawn . It looks like the best of the Cains fishing this fall is going to be on the lower 15 miles .

Water getting down but fishing still fair

The water is getting down a little making some pools hard to fish but most are still doing well . The fish are slow to take for most anglers but some guy’s over the last weekend hit it good . Walter U. landed three nice salmon at Cold Water one morning .Fish are taking the small fly’s best . Rain is due for this week which will perk things up for sure . Keep your fingers crossed for the late Cains River run too , we will need a raise of water soon to get the fish up there .

Feeback on “Cains Needs more young people “

Dear Nathan-
First off , thanks for your feedback to my June 29th posting , I appreciate your candor and honesty . I apologize for my friend if he offended you and disrupted your enjoyment of the river . In his defence though , we were both concerned for the safety of the fish and length of time it was played and kept out of the water . It seemed like to us that the fish was in trouble. For you to take the time to reply to my posting indicates that you are one of the guys serious about making sure that this beautiful river and these magnificent trout are protected for us all . You obviously have a passion for the sport and a respect for the river and fish . I urge you to contact Tyler Storey at 365-7714 to discuss his plans to get the Cains River Enhancement Association back up and running . The association needs more people just like yourself to breathe some life into a very worthwhile organization .
Respectfully yours,
Keith Wilson