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Cains Crown Reserve Road Devastation

Please check out my three youtube videos showing the Cains River Crown Reserve Road devastation . It is not my intention to beat up on the forest industry in general . I have many friends and even family members who depend on these jobs and the way I see it with the obvious display of greed and disregard for the environment and unique situation such as this Crown Reserve road issue , I feel that my friends jobs are actually at risk if these practices continue .

Increase Protection For the Cains River

After a comment I made last week about the idea of lobbying government for more protection for the Sea-run brook trout on the Cains I have been swamped with support for the idea . I would like as many readers as possible to e:mail the Minisiter of Natural Resources in support of total live release angling on the entire Cains River until at least July 1st . This will save a lot of big trout during the critical migration period in May and June .
Please write to the Hon. Wally Stiles at

Wilson’s Cains River Report for June 19th

After a big raise of water last weekend conditions on the Cains this week appear to be almost perfect . I fished the Upper Cains on Wed night and Thursday am with very poor results . I walked from Lower Ledge to Wildcat , unfortunately in the hot sun , but even at Birch Landing around 8 pm with the sun off the water and no wind , I did not see a single fish . I also fished a few secret pockets with nothing . Karl managed to land three decent trout at Wildcat right at dark but not many fish showing . Could be because of the hot weather that day but I suspect that the raise of water probably moved a lot of the trout out of the holding pools into better feeding areas , which gives them a much needed break for sure .

Wilson’s Cains River Report June 4th

Our crew done a float trip Wed 3rd from Rt 123 bridge to Duffy Brook on near perfect water and warm temps . We picked up the usual 6- 10 inch trout but no sign of the big boy’s yet . Three of the guy’s are continuing on to Shinnickburn today so maybe they will hit the run further down river . It was the perfect night for tenting-out , windy enough to keep the bugs away all evening plus very cool overnight with frost so no bugs during breakfast either . Despite the fact that we did not touch a fish these trips are some of the best .

Wilson’s Cains River Report -May 15th

John and I hit the lower Cains on Wed , putting our 28 foot jet canoe in at the Route 123 highway bridge on excellent water and high hopes of getting into a few trout . We motored straight to Muzroll the first night and then fished from there to Sabies River on day two . The water was good and weather perfect but the sea-run trout were not in yet and for some reason the local ( black trout ) were not in the taking mood . We even took our chances and motored up the Sabies to the first set of rapids , to find out that the big canoe was as long as what the river is wide , but I managed to turn around and got back down without incident . We did not fish the Sabies River itself, just the mouth and again no trout taken . On day three we motored on to the Miramichi at Blackville but to our disappointment the wind was too strong to cast a fly on the big water and the two locals we did run into reported no big trout yet either . There are reports of sea-run brook trout in the tide water so if everything remains normal we should be getting into them very soon .

Wilson’s Miramichi Snow Report

If you are wondering where all that water is coming from check this out. This is a photo taken at WIldcat camp on the Cains River in late February 2009 . For those who have been there you will recognize just how much snow we had this past winter , it is level with the windows . At present we still have snow in the heavy woods so when we get a warm day or two the rivers rise and become dirty by late in the day . The watershed is of course saturated with water so with any luck our rivers will remain in good shape as summer approach’s.

Cains River Ice-run report April 6th

Photo taken on the upper Cains at Leighton Brook . The river is high and the ice is moving out . There is still plenty of snow in the woods yet so with all the rain and warm weather it is safe to assume , that the upper Cains at least , will be open this week. There is no spring salmon fishery on the upper Cains so anglers don’t get too excited yet .

Big Water On the Cains


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For those of you who are familiar with Wildcat Pool on the Cains River check this out . This picture was taken from the shoreline looking upriver to the Island Pool . Last week I was staying at the camp there when the heavens opened wide with heavy rain and wind for 20 hours , resulting in the biggest raise of water I have ever witnessed on the Cains . The heavy wind knocked down some huge trees into the river , some of which looked like they could not fit around the sharp turn below the camp, sorry no pics . But if you look closely you can see a huge tree lodged onto the Island where the upper pool is , as of yesterday with the water down the tree is still there , which will make fishing next summer in that pool very interesting . The bright side is that it will be good for the fish by providing shelter and a good food supply dropping off the dead limbs .

Wilson’s Final 2008 Report


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The Wilson gang is all smiles as we wrap up what has been a fantastic 2008 season. The highlight of the year was a report of a 52 inch hen salmon that made it safely to the barrier pool at Juniper , just knowing that this size of salmon is back to our rivers makes every cast on the water worth the effort . 2008 was a banner year for Wilson’s and I am sure this is the case for most anglers that fished salmon anywhere in Atlantic Canada . I asked a neighbor of mine yesterday how many fish he hooked this year , an incredible 105 hook-ups . All rivers are reporting increased numbers of Atlantic slamon . We had more than our share of high water this year with three big rises of over 3 feet , too much water at times for the best fishing but it kept the watershed saturated . Our fall season was a little tough with big water but all visitors to Wilson’s could not believe the shear number of salmon in the pools , and it was common to see fish in the 20 – 30 pound range just about every day . Cains River had high water as well and a good run of salmon came right on time . Sea-run brook trout on the Cains done very well this year with all the high water , not so good for anglers but excellent conditions to protect and feed the trout .
All in all 2008 was one of the best seasons in the past twenty and we are optomistic that this upward trend will continue . As always , we strongly encourage all readers to keep your memberships up to date in the Miramichi Salmon Association and the Atlantic Salmon Federation. Thanks to these two hard working organizations we are enjoying better fishing on all east coast salmon rivers .
PS> I will be off line for a few weeks as I head out for the deer season , I will be reporting back in 2009 . Thanks for reading our report , looking forward to 2009.

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report Oct 13th


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Well folks as you can see it sure is beautiful here this last few days of the 2008 season , but the fish are still not cooperating . The weather is gorgeous , the water is down to almost normal and we are seeing plenty of salmon , but they obviously have something on their mind besides chewing on a big green machine . It appears the same storey holds true for the Cains , most of the fall run is up there now and we are seeing a few fish in the upper headwaters actually working the redds a little . My only luck over the weekend was on a big purple mariboo ??