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Miramichi River Report For March 17th

By the looks of the river in the McNamee area we are in for an early ice-out this year . With the light ice build up this winter and now the warm weather the ice will most likely be gone well before opening day on the 15th of April . There are many theories of course about what this means for the fishing but I am going with most old- timers that say the fish will remain in the river until the water warms up and the smelt run has started in . One thing for sure is that with an early ice -out the river should be clear of heavu ice and other debris , which of course makes for much more pleasant day on the water . There is no way to predict what flys to use because one never knows what the water level will be four weeks from now .
Stay tuned for pictures of the ice as it moves out , we always get a big run-off sometime during this period and it can be quite a sight .

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report July 21

Last week will most likely be remembered as one of the best weeks on the Miramichi in many , many years . Several of Wilson’s guests commented that they haven’t seen fishing like this in over 20 years . Even more amazing was the number of big salmon, two guy’s hooked into 12 salmon in one 4 hour shift, one of which was near thirty pounds . Things are a little more normal this week, maybe due to the bright sun and heat . The weather forecast is calling for more rain and showers this week so maybe the hundreds of fish in the pools will turn on again . Bombers are working and of course green machines and small black bugs .

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report for July 4th

Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions for the Miramichi River at McNamee for July 4th , 2009 . It has been 20 todays of rain , cloud and cool temps but this picture shows a glimmer of hope that it will soon end . The water is still high and we are seeing just a fish or two on each beat , but we are optimistic that things will improve very soon . We landed two nice grilse yesterday and saw a couple of big salmon in the same pool . Big flys are the choice still and some people are using sink tip lines . The sink tip lines don’t seem to be doing any better than the full floating . I think most will agree that we can’t pass acurate judgement until the water comes down to normal at which time I am certain that the fishing will improve .

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report For June 24th

Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions for the Miramichi River at McNamee as of June 24th . We are pleased to report another perfect raise of water . The general population are all complaining about the dreary , cold , rainy weather but anglers are enjoying every minute of it . The locals picked up a few big hen salmon last week but nothing on the high water these last few days The water is still up about 12 inches and dropping slow , which is tough for this week but it boads well for the coming weekend and beyond . Big flys and a sink tip line might work best for a few more days .

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report May 3rd

The recent rain brought the water up again and a little dirty yesterday but it is dropping already . The water level in general is still above normal but there are plenty of fish to keep anglers happy . Our best luck seems to be on the Renous Special , or a variation of it as long as it has green and yellow and silver . Some guest’s are carrying two rods in the boat , one with a heavy sink tip and the other with a medium sink tip . Fish are still taking in the bogan water and edges and if you don’t mind pulling your fly out of the submerged bushes allong shore you can take grilse as the fly comes out . The old fashioned wood fire shore lunch is still very popular with our guest’s . The old timers called it “boiling the kettle” which is exactly what we do , we brew your coffee in a tin kettle and cook your meal in antique fry pans . There is nothing better than the old shore lunch after a morning of fighting salmon .

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report April 20th

The river is open, with cold nights and no rain it is still holding at a low level. Fishing over the weekend was outstanding , with the clear low water fish were easy to catch with any kind of fly . We need a little raise of water to get the fish out of their winter holding pools and moving around so that the good fishing will last longer . Light rain is predicted this week but it does not look like anything major so conditions should remain good .

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Wilson’s Final 2008 Report


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The Wilson gang is all smiles as we wrap up what has been a fantastic 2008 season. The highlight of the year was a report of a 52 inch hen salmon that made it safely to the barrier pool at Juniper , just knowing that this size of salmon is back to our rivers makes every cast on the water worth the effort . 2008 was a banner year for Wilson’s and I am sure this is the case for most anglers that fished salmon anywhere in Atlantic Canada . I asked a neighbor of mine yesterday how many fish he hooked this year , an incredible 105 hook-ups . All rivers are reporting increased numbers of Atlantic slamon . We had more than our share of high water this year with three big rises of over 3 feet , too much water at times for the best fishing but it kept the watershed saturated . Our fall season was a little tough with big water but all visitors to Wilson’s could not believe the shear number of salmon in the pools , and it was common to see fish in the 20 – 30 pound range just about every day . Cains River had high water as well and a good run of salmon came right on time . Sea-run brook trout on the Cains done very well this year with all the high water , not so good for anglers but excellent conditions to protect and feed the trout .
All in all 2008 was one of the best seasons in the past twenty and we are optomistic that this upward trend will continue . As always , we strongly encourage all readers to keep your memberships up to date in the Miramichi Salmon Association and the Atlantic Salmon Federation. Thanks to these two hard working organizations we are enjoying better fishing on all east coast salmon rivers .
PS> I will be off line for a few weeks as I head out for the deer season , I will be reporting back in 2009 . Thanks for reading our report , looking forward to 2009.

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report Oct 13th


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Well folks as you can see it sure is beautiful here this last few days of the 2008 season , but the fish are still not cooperating . The weather is gorgeous , the water is down to almost normal and we are seeing plenty of salmon , but they obviously have something on their mind besides chewing on a big green machine . It appears the same storey holds true for the Cains , most of the fall run is up there now and we are seeing a few fish in the upper headwaters actually working the redds a little . My only luck over the weekend was on a big purple mariboo ??

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report Oct 9th


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Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions for the Miramichi River at McNamee as of Oct 9th . The water is coming down very slow and we guess that it will remain higher than normal till the last day ( Oct 15th ) . We are seeing and hooking fewer fish than before the big raise but the fish we are hooking are some real beauties . In the last three days we landed four fish in the twenty pound range so that makes up for the lazy grilse for the moment . The weather is forecast to stay clear so we predict that as the water continues to drop we will have better fishing . There are reports of decent fishing on some parts of the lower Cains River but the upper watershed is still slow , they will show up as always , but sometimes not till after the close. The Cains actually needs another little raise to get the fish into the headwaters before the 15th . Big red/orange flys are working best .