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are you worried about the cost of supporting your Atlantic Salmon fishing addiction in 2009 ?

Please consider the following facts :

* Wilson’s on the Miramichi River is one of the most economically priced Salmon fishing lodges in the world

* compare our rates to fishing in Russia , Norway , Iceland and even Quebec .

* The US > CDN exchange rate is app. 25% in your favor today . We quote in CDN funds .

* Wilson’s is just a days drive by car from New York and Boston

* 2008 was the best season since the mid 1980’s and it promises to be as good or better for MSW salmon in 2009

* Wilson’s own’s some of the finest private salmon fishing pools on the river ( 5 miles – 16 pools) and we fish small groups resulting in no crowds and no line ups .

* Wilson’s has been in business since 1855, we know a thing or two about catching Atlantic Salmon .

* Wilson’s guides can make you a better angler .

………..I invite you to fish Wilson’s in 2009, it is going to be great fishing and more affordable than most other Salmon fishing destinations .

Sincerely yours, Keith Wilson

Learn Your Lesson The Hard Way


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Take it from someone who lives and breaths fly-fishing , always listen to your guide . Last week I was writing about the hazards of fishing with a trout rod and the problems you run into when hooking a large salmon , well last night I did it again , I ended up with my 5wt. trout rod in hand and that was not bad on the first four fish hooked , they were all grilse . But right at dark when I should have been heading home I rolled a fish four times [Read more…]

Good News from ASF

Atlantic Salmon Rebound

August 18th, 2008

After years of decline, wild Atlantic salmon rebound in eastern North America

FREDERICTON — After years of decline, it looks like wild Atlantic salmon are making a comeback in the rivers of eastern North America.

While scientists and anglers are tempering their enthusiasm until a clear trend is established, there’s no question this is a record summer for young salmon called grilse returning to home rivers after one year at sea.

“People are talking about runs they haven’t seen for a decade or more,” says Gerald Chaput, a biologist with the federal Fisheries Department.

On the storied salmon rivers of New Brunswick, heavy rains and high waters are providing perfect conditions for salmon.

“People are seeing fish and they’re catching fish,” says Mark Hambrook, president of the salmon association on New Brunswick’s Miramichi River, which produces more than 20 per cent of North America’s Atlantic salmon. [Read more…]

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report August 7th


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Atlantic salmon fly fishing conditions for the Miramichi at McNamee August 7th . As you can see from this photo our river at McNamee is still nearly 18inches above normal . The pools are starting to shape up a little and we have hopes of normal water levels by early next week . Both fish taken this week were bright and silver and full of fight . The high water pools are obviously the only ones being fished . Garrett , Anthony and I canoed the Cains River yesterday , beautiful canoeing water but is useless for fishing , still 15 inches above normal .

Don and Bill with another great trip

July 6th, 2008
Hello Keith,

Don’t think my first try made it. Here is the 2nd attempt. Pics. sent separately.

Don and I are back safely, but wishing we were still in camp chasing the wily salmon.

After more than 20 years of fishing at Wilson’s Don Hoyt and I had one of the best days ever with both of us landing 2 salmon and a grilse each in one day. The salmon ranged from 9 to 22 lbs. and were the strongest, feistiest fish we have ever played. Having fished for Atlantic Salmon in Iceland, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and other New Brunswick rivers we keep coming back to Wilson’s year after year and hope to do so for many years to come. While salmon fishing is never predictable your pools have been the most productive and reliable waters we have ever fished. Not only that, but the guides are the best, the dining is wonderful and the accommodations are comfortable and scenic. It is like coming home for Don and I.

We look forward to coming back in the fall and will always remember the July day we netted over 75 lbs. of Atlantic salmon in one day.

Tight Lines,

Bill Wilkinson

Orvis Opens New Store – Fredericton Outfitters


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The two anglers posted here are Caitlyn Munden and Chris Munn . Chris and Caitlyn recently dropped in to Wilson’s for a few hours of Salmon fishing , a nice evening on the water but no-hook ups this time . Chris is proprietor of Fredericton Outfitters , a full service Orvis store conveniently located on Route 8 ( 285 Canada Street ) in Fredericton New Brunswick , phone


. Anglers travelling from the US to the Miramichi pass right by his door , so there is no excuse to show up on the Miramichi River empty handed . Fredericton Outfitters is set up in a beautiful historic building with large spacious rooms and well displayed Orvis fly- fishing and upland hunting gear . In addition to his well stocked store , everything you see on line at Chris can get for you or have it shipped directly to your door . If you miss Chris in Fredericton , Wilson’s in McNamee also has a basic Orvis supply in our shop and again Wilson’s can order and drop ship any product the Orvis sells .

Wilson’s Miramichi Flood watch May 1st

Flood waters on the Miramichi at McNamee have begun to come down already . Since yesterday at 7pm the water levels at McNamee have come down app 10 inches and is already beginning to clear up . We are still close to 4 feet above normal so it will be a day or so before we are back on the water with fly rod in hand .
The big difference between the Saint John River and the Miramichi River is that our river is much smaller coming out of central New Brunswick where it runs on a much steaper gradiant towards the ocean . The Saint John is also influenced by the Bay Of Fundy tides that actually hold the flood waters back during high tide .
It is important to note that the water level at McNamee will be dropping much sooner than the lower reaches of the river , i.e . Blackville area . The upper parts of the watershed allways drop off first . You should check with your outfitter or guide in the area that you plan to fish in order to get an acurate assessment .

Miramichi – Good Fishing at affordable rates

In the midst of all the hype about the US economy and the high cost of fishing in some far off areas of the world , Wilson’s is pleased to bring you “good news “. The Miramichi River is still the most prolific Atlantic Salmon river in North America and you can still enjoy great fishing at affordable rates . As a matter of fact our 2008 rates have dropped a little for this season and we are happy to pass these savings on to our customers . For those people lamenting this year about spending $10,000.00 , or more , and the hassel of travelling half way around the world we want you to know that the Miramcihi is just a few hours drive from eastern USA , and we even speak your language . The Miramichi is safe and secure and very affordable . So if you find yourself thinking twice about what you can spend this year fishing maybe it is time to jump in your car , enjoy a leisurely drive up RT 95 to New Brunswick and get in on some great Atlantic salmon action on the Miramichi this season .
Wilson’s is booking up fast but we still have a few slots available during “prime time ” in spring , summer and fall .

ASF Comes through Big for Atlantic Salmon

Bill Taylor SalmonThe following press release by the Atlantic Salmon Federation proves that the money you spend on membership dues , dinner tickets , raffle tickets etc.etc. is being well invested . Bill Taylor and all the hard workers involved in the ASF deserve a round of applause for their tireless efforts in their worldwide campaign to protect our precious Atlantic Salmon . See the full press release here [Read more…]

Bill Taylor’s ASF Report

Bill Taylors mid season report indicates that all eastern Canada rivers were late this year but encouraging news of the fish finally getting here . The following report is for most areas of eastern Canada . Read more for Bill’s report [Read more…]