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Wilson’s Miramichi Report For September 24

Wilson’s Miramichi Report for September 24. Ugghh! Still no rain and as you can see the river is extremely low and the fishing is as equally poor. We have rain forecast for mid week which should turn things on. Keep your fingers crossed for rain!

Wilson’s Miramichi Report For Sept 8th

Wilson’s Miramichi Report for September 8th. Finally!!! The perfect rise of water at the perfect time. This will surely move the fish around that have been in the system already and will begin the fall migration from the ocean for the “fall run”.

Wilson’s Miramichi Report for August 23

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report for August 23. The river remains very low and not many salmon around. Our larger holding pools have salmon resting but not taking well. But, fall is in the air and with a little rain we will surely be enjoying the best time of the season. The Autumn Belle shown here is one of the best fall patterns on the water.

Wilson’s Miramichi Report August 2

Wilson’s Miramichi Atlantic salmon report for August 2 brings you low water. The water is staying cool overnight so fishing is best in the mornings. Surprisingly there are reports of a few fish moving through the system. We have reduced our rod numbers to a minimum and focusing on just three of the larger holding pools. Under these conditions one has to be careful to quickly and safely release your catch. Fly of choice this week is the “Almost Nothing”, which is tied just how it sounds, with a ten to twelve foot leader.

Wilson’s Free Adventure Pkg.

Let’s Go Tubing ………….! Free tubes when you rent a cottage during the month of August . Minimum four people per night . Or substitute for two canoes. Includes shuttle and PFD’s. Gas bar-b-que and private fire-pit for each cottage. Photo Credit -Jeremy Braya

Wilson’s Miramichi Report For July 21

Wilson’s Miramichi Report for July 21. Not much change from last week, the water is still low and warming up by the afternoon on most days. We have a decent number of salmon in the larger holding pools but hooking up is a challenge. We have the fish but we need rain. The forecast is for rain on Sunday with below normal air temps through most of next week.

Wilson’s Miramichi Report For July 14

It is time to get serious folks. The water is a little low but nice and cool in the mornings and reports from here to salt water is the best run all summer. Terry seen more salmon last evening and this morning than any day yet this season. Hooked a couple of beauties too. The Bonnie Belle , my favorite.

Wilson’s Miramichi Report for July 5th

Wilson’s Miramichi Report for July 5th brings you good news. The water is dropping slowly with temps running in the mid sixties , resulting in ideal conditions as we lead into the prime of the summer run. Fishing has been fairly slow in general but there are encouraging reports coming in almost daily now.

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report For June 25

Wilson’s Miramichi River report for June 25th. The water is up this morning app 6 inches and temperatures are ideal. We started hooking salmon three days ago so with these conditions we are expecting good fishing this coming week. Now is the time – Lets Go Fishing!

Wilson’s Miramichi Report for June 22

Wilson’s Miramichi Report for June 22. The water is lower than usual but still cool and most pools are fishing well. There are reports from other camps of salmon being hooked these last few days. Terry and guest lost a nice salmon yesterday and saw several more.