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Wilson’s call to action…….just sayn’

What if someone launched a class action lawsuit against the Department of Fisheries and Oceans? Is it not obvious that DFO has completely mismanaged our Atlantic salmon resource? Why have fly fishermen always taken the cut backs and blame for declining salmon stocks when the issue has never been in our pristine rivers. How many trout & salmon anglers ( over 34,000 in NB ), plus guides , outfitters, cooks, servers and camp caretakers would be willing to donate to the cause? $10.00 per person could get the ball rolling! Just sayn’, someone should be held accountable.

Wilson’s Miramichi Report for August 24

Wilson’s Miramichi report for August 24 brings encouraging news. The water is up for the third straight week and the temperatures have finally turned in our favor. There are reports of anglers having good fishing throughout the system.

Wilson’s – Atlantic Canada’s Great Outdoors

Let’s Go To The Miramichi!! The water is up again this morning making the perfect conditions for family adventure on the Miramichi. We have cottages, free tube and canoe service ( August ) , fly- fishing and awesome guided ATV tours in central New Brunswick. Have fun in ” Atlantic Canada’s Great Outdoors”.

Wilson’s Corporate Retreats

Miramichi River Corporate retreats in New Brunswick , Canada. Wilson’s is the ideal setting for a corporate retreat or day meeting for your company. Combine work in our board room with outdoor activities on the river then wrap up you day around the fire-pit.

Guided ATV tours in Canada

Let’s Go Wheeling. Wilson’s offers guided ATV tours in central New Brunswick, Canada. Over 8,000 km’s of managed trails and millions of acres of public land to have a Great Atlantic Canada Adventure.

Family and business events on the Miramichi.

Let’s Celebrate ! Wilson’s offers fantastic home cooked meals in our private dining room to make your special event one to remember. Catering to groups from 12 to 22 in a beautiful Miramichi setting.

Miramichi Family Adventure Vacations

Atlantic Canada’s Great Outdoors. Family adventure at Wilson’s on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick, Canada. Canoeing, Fly-Fishing, Tubing, ATV tours, late night fire-pits, family reunions.

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report July26

Wilson’s Miramichi report for July 26th. The water remains low and warm and as a result most major cold water pools are closed to angling. As well we are restricted to just 6AM – 10AM angling.

Wilson’s Miramichi Report for July 9th

Wilson’s Miramichi Report for the week of July 9th. The water levels remain low but temperatures have cooled down and we are seeing salmon on the move.

Wilson’s ATV tours on the Miramichi

Wilson’s ATV tours on the Miramichi.Let’s Go Wheeling! Wilson’s is pleased to offer weekday discounts for ATV groups or families. Also, with each weekday booking we will do a guided back-country tour with bar-b-que for free.